Identifying and amplifying growth channels

  • Keyword research and content gap analysis are 2 critical components of SEO. When used correctly, you can create a roadmap for both the design and execution of building your website and developing content. It’s always good to focus on long-tail keywords, which will most probably have lower search volume, so you can create more focused content that is engaging, educational, and evergreen.
  • PPC and Social Ads can also be a good source for growth and an opportunity for quick wins sometimes. But this won’t happen unless you know exactly what your audience is looking for and your website is prepared and optimized for their visit.
  • Email Marketing is also an excellent channel for us when it comes to engagement and retention.

Facebook Ads (the BELT method)

B.E.L.T. = Believe. Engage. Lead. Transact.

  1. Believe: At this step, we’ll work on building brand awareness and authority. We want to help our audience discover and believe they have a need, then realize that our business can potentially fulfill that need for them.
  2. Engage: This phase indoctrinates our audience to the problem, product, solutions, and services. Our aim here is to help them realize why our offer is best positioned to give them the solution they need for their pain point. We do this by edutainment (educating and entertaining them).
  3. Lead: Okay, they admit it now, great! This phase will provide the audience with clear next steps to move forward. We are leading them to our solution by offering something of value in exchange for this information.
  4. Transaction: Here is the stage where we get our audience to buy our product or service to satisfy their needs, relieve their pain points, and make them happy.








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Mert Kolay

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